A lot of time passed…

…Since I’ve been here. And since it’s almost a new year it’s only appropriate to make a resolution:


I ought to write more, draw more, paint and stop wasting my time on computers. I get enough of them at work!

It’s stupid to put drawing in the back seat since I do enjoy it so much. I shall spend more time in the studio.

And, of course, eat right and exercise ;D


My first act will be to upload some stuff from last year that has been left out due to my laziness.



  1. Been a long while indeed. Also, those things from the next post are awesome. And familiar.
    A customary yey for spirited commitments. Do go forth!
    (my internal autocorrect suggests “and multiply”, but that’d be too far out of context, I’m afraid)

    • I just giggled at your autocorrect 🙂 That’s what happens when you get an iPhone.
      Thank you! I hope that today when I get home after work, if I’m not tired enough for sleep I will sketch instead of staring at a screen.
      Btw, any chance you have that gas mask on you? 😀

      • Muhuf. Had it been some hours ago, I could have picked it up- but nope.
        Also, funny as it is, I had indeed got an iphone. Yesterday. Been you spying?

      • Facebook announces when you use it on iPhone 🙂 I’m at work on weekend = free time.
        What have you done with the old phone? I very much liked it. Would’ve gotten one if it wasn’t so expensive.
        Meh at the mask.

  2. Huh. Well I suppose I can hardly blame a facebook for being privacy-unfriendly… Yey for free time, esp. considering that you’re being paid for it.
    The old one’s gotten lost slightly over a week ago. Wouldn’t be as much as considering getting a new phone (not for love of the old one, but for knowing I’m pathologically dissatisfied with my purchasings)

    Roommate’s watching videos of animal slaughter. I wonder if I should ask @_@

    Also, do good luck with getting back to drawing… I’d managed to get a small bit of work done on a moth project I have last saturday, but then I’m now ran out of time for everything.

    • Oh, that sucks.. I have to get me a new phone too but they are so damn expensive.
      Do ask the roommate, if he’s pro-animal cruelty you should get the fuck out. Harming an animal equals to harming a human.
      Yay at the math project 🙂 I have to start working on a couple of projects myself. Maybe I’ll visit the library.

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