The truth..

..Is that sometimes I sit, looking at some of my paintings, and think “did I actually make those??”.

Time flies by too darn fast. I’m going to be  23 next week and all I can remember is my 19th birthday, when I understood for the first time that I’m getting old. It sucks.

Well, I sure do hope I’m immortal.



  1. Gah. Indeed you are… Myself, I managed to misplace my 23rd birthday, and been so busy ever since I don’t get to think much of aginag.
    Also, my exam table is ill at odds with your birthdate. Will be whiles until I manage anything of consequence >_>

    I’m deathly afraid even to approach re-reading my old things. The department’s had me practically un/re-learn writing.

    • Don’t let them teach you!! I love your writings and unless they make you into a super writer they have no right to change you! Tell them I’ll get a shotgun in case they think they’re so smart -_-

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