I must confess that years ago I began writing a fantasy story about a world I invented named “Oderian”. To my surprise, what I managed to write (a couple dozens of pages) is pretty darn good! My only problem with it is that after re-reading it numerous times it became clear to me that whatever nonsense I thought I’ve imagined was actually a pretty good description of my unconsciousness. Growing up surrounded by people who frowned upon independent thinking, emotions and personality I had no other way to stop myself from going completely nuts than write “nonsense”. It’s just fantasy, right?

Anyway, these days I hardly contribute anything to this story and it has been sitting on my hard drive for years without getting beyond the “captivity” part. For those unfamiliar with traditional fantasy writing – the books usually begin with the introduction of our second most important character (whom we mistake for the most important character, silly us) who witnesses some kind of injustice (like war with an evil overlord who keeps people captive), swears to defeat the evil maniac, forms an alliance, loses and then meets the really important character, doesn’t believe in him but still teaches him everything and then sends him to war. The main character than proves everybody wring and kills the overlord. Everybody’s happy, the end. Anyway #2, even though I don’t contribute to the story by writing an end for it I do enjoy doodling the characters and I wanted to post some pics (yes, that’s what all that blabbering was about).

Here are some old sketches:

Histah, the white goddess of Darkness

 Walking her evil walk.

 Dancing a little dance after receiving a blood sacrifice.

 Histah and her brother – the god of light punishing the god of fire (god, that’s a really old one *nostalgic*).

Shidass, a lower goddess

Funny thing is that I don’t remember whether her looks were my idea or a friend’s, but I’ll give him the credit if only for the chance it was him.

Al (more of a nickname than actual name) – one of the three leading roles:

Together with the two other main characters.


 As a kid.

 All grown up.

 Grown up Allen with younger M.

M (also nickname, nothing to do with actual name) – a dual personality that results in different looks.

Personality #1

Tea with Histah.

Personality #2:

And here are 3 newer sketches of Al, Allen and M:

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane 🙂


This is going to be a long one

First of all, I’d like to introduce “Untitled” – 100×70, watercolors on paper.

What I love about this one is the earrings. They looked like coffee beans/pokeballs and were made from white gold with some kind of a stone in the middle. They were stolen when my parents’ apartment was broken into.

It was a bit modified lately due to being given to a charity auction. I hope it’s alright since the humidity has been doing awful things to my watercolors :/


Next one is “Open” – don’t remember its size, but it’s a bit smaller than the one above. Pastels, oil chalk and acrylics.


The following works were made for an Illustration class:

Both are versions of an illustration for Hitchcock’s “Birds”.

This is an exercise with hybrids – a lizard crossed with a key-chain harmonica.

The four works above are illustrations for a letter I wrote to my shoes. I will NOT post it. Lithography.


The next picture is a personal favorite. It was made for a friend’s brother’s birthday. Watercolors.


That’s it with pictures! I have two stories to upload but that will wait. Have to go back to reading material for my Archaeology lesson ;D


It’s the continuing piece to the one in my previous post, talking about practically the same concept of isolation, suffocation, being unable to connect or relate to your surroundings.


Here’s  the first work on my theme this year. I chose to talk about teenagers, about the questions of existence that come to bother many in that age – do I exist? Does anything? And if I do, does it matter?

This subject is a very close matter to me and I feel very strongly about it. Even though I don’t agree with my teenage thoughts, sometimes I still find myself questioning my existence. I think it comes from the modern, post-modern and post-post-modern approach that everything was done before, “I” was done before and everybody can be replaced by someone exactly the same if not even much much better.

I chose to deliver this subjects through paintings/drawings of teenagers that give an apathetic feeling, not creating eye-contact, completely absorbed in themselves, both making you question your being there and questioning their existence themselves.

Pen, marker, crayons and pastels.
106.5×92.5 cm


Bored. I’m so fucking bored I could eat my own head. I wonder how could that work out.

Anyways, here’s a quick strip (lyrics from ‘I’m still here’ by Googoo Dolls)

More comics

Here are 5 more pages to my comic ^^


I sketched this silly thing and a friend of mine suggested turning it into some kind of comics or something. I guess I’ll give it a go >_> dunno.

Here’s the opening pic and the 1st page.

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