3rd year exhibition


I know I promised to write more, but, looking back, we all should have known it was wishful thinking at best and a straightforward lie at worst. Knowing myself, I was lying to myself.

Anyway, here’re most works from my end-of-the-year exhibition. I was pretty happy about them in the beginning but began questioning myself about 2 minutes into my evaluation. Apparently, some teachers do not believe in helping students. They would prefer degrading them and humiliating them while talking trash about their work and personality. Teaching is overrated, right guys? But it’s ok, at least no yelling this year 😛 This is Bezalel Academy for you.


My exhibition was about memories from my childhood before coming to Israel. I chose this subject after realizing that I had no really happy childhood memories after we left Russia, even if Israel was a better place at the time.

All the works are Monotypes. The picture quality isn’t the best this time but oh well..


















That’s it 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this despite the poor quality!




This is going to be a long one

First of all, I’d like to introduce “Untitled” – 100×70, watercolors on paper.

What I love about this one is the earrings. They looked like coffee beans/pokeballs and were made from white gold with some kind of a stone in the middle. They were stolen when my parents’ apartment was broken into.

It was a bit modified lately due to being given to a charity auction. I hope it’s alright since the humidity has been doing awful things to my watercolors :/


Next one is “Open” – don’t remember its size, but it’s a bit smaller than the one above. Pastels, oil chalk and acrylics.


The following works were made for an Illustration class:

Both are versions of an illustration for Hitchcock’s “Birds”.

This is an exercise with hybrids – a lizard crossed with a key-chain harmonica.

The four works above are illustrations for a letter I wrote to my shoes. I will NOT post it. Lithography.


The next picture is a personal favorite. It was made for a friend’s brother’s birthday. Watercolors.


That’s it with pictures! I have two stories to upload but that will wait. Have to go back to reading material for my Archaeology lesson ;D

Dream sequence

A final project in etching class. I combined 2 of my previous works with a new one creating another work, which should be representing a dream. The photo is of a bad quality and I promise to upload a better one when I manage to take a photo in a better lit place.

Dead pigeon and a print.

Here are 2 works I did lately. The first one is a drawing of a dead pigeon I did for interdisciplinary class on the subject of “mechanism/system”. In the work I am referring to a moment in my childhood when the whole idea of the circle of life dawned on me. It was when I saw a dead pigeon near school with worms wriggling in it and thought “it was flying, then it died and now it’s feeding the worms and the flowers”. Here I am trying to show one of the beautiful things in our world – the circle of life.

The second work is a print, done in etching techniques – soft wax and aquatint.

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