3rd year exhibition


I know I promised to write more, but, looking back, we all should have known it was wishful thinking at best and a straightforward lie at worst. Knowing myself, I was lying to myself.

Anyway, here’re most works from my end-of-the-year exhibition. I was pretty happy about them in the beginning but began questioning myself about 2 minutes into my evaluation. Apparently, some teachers do not believe in helping students. They would prefer degrading them and humiliating them while talking trash about their work and personality. Teaching is overrated, right guys? But it’s ok, at least no yelling this year 😛 This is Bezalel Academy for you.


My exhibition was about memories from my childhood before coming to Israel. I chose this subject after realizing that I had no really happy childhood memories after we left Russia, even if Israel was a better place at the time.

All the works are Monotypes. The picture quality isn’t the best this time but oh well..


















That’s it 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this despite the poor quality!




The truth..

..Is that sometimes I sit, looking at some of my paintings, and think “did I actually make those??”.

Time flies by too darn fast. I’m going to be  23 next week and all I can remember is my 19th birthday, when I understood for the first time that I’m getting old. It sucks.

Well, I sure do hope I’m immortal.


Bored. I’m so fucking bored I could eat my own head. I wonder how could that work out.

Anyways, here’s a quick strip (lyrics from ‘I’m still here’ by Googoo Dolls)


I love my shoes, they are very reliable, one of the only reliable things ever.

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