More comics

Here are 5 more pages to my comic ^^



I sketched this silly thing and a friend of mine suggested turning it into some kind of comics or something. I guess I’ll give it a go >_> dunno.

Here’s the opening pic and the 1st page.


I’m done! First year has left the building!!

New Photograph and a short rant

We had a studio lesson this week. I produced a not-so-bad photograph, but after I opened it on my laptop I found out something I knew all the time – my teacher isn’t that bright and I should have checked the camera after her. I have a low-quality JPG files and high-quality NEF files. The JPG is garbage, while I can’t even open NEF in my photoshop.

Anyways, I’ll upload the JPG file I’ve got anyway and sometime, when I have access to my school’s computer, I’ll upload the good version.

Sex Toy

We’ve been given an assignment in sculpture class to do something on the subject of “sex toy”.

The bag is the symbol of a vagina, while the fish.. well, you can figure it out :]


I’m drunk XD n it’s so early too.

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