I love my shoes, they are very reliable, one of the only reliable things ever.


Ars Poetica

I made a new piece for a contest held on dA. It’s about my feeling of godliness when creating something. I really like the style of work I used and how free you can get with this medium. This work isn’t as free as I’d like it ideally to be, but it’s for a contest so it’s as free as possible.


So here, I’m uploading the last work I had to present this semester at school. We had to make a painting on the subject of “shadow”. I decided to use this opportunity and paint a self portrait, since I had a canvas solely for that cause. Oils on canvas:

Self Portrait!

We’ve been given an assignment in painting to do a self portrait. Here’s mine – watercolors and markers. I forgot to silver the shoelaces holes, so consider it partially finished.

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