Bored. I’m so fucking bored I could eat my own head. I wonder how could that work out.

Anyways, here’s a quick strip (lyrics from ‘I’m still here’ by Googoo Dolls)


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New Photograph and a short rant

We had a studio lesson this week. I produced a not-so-bad photograph, but after I opened it on my laptop I found out something I knew all the time – my teacher isn’t that bright and I should have checked the camera after her. I have a low-quality JPG files and high-quality NEF files. The JPG is garbage, while I can’t even open NEF in my photoshop.

Anyways, I’ll upload the JPG file I’ve got anyway and sometime, when I have access to my school’s computer, I’ll upload the good version.

My ears!

They hurt D:
I’ve put 2 piercings back, have 5/6 to go, for which I’ll go with my brother next time cuz those things are EXPENSIVE! Some of the holes need to be reopened >.< Thus the hurting. It’s itching too :O
*Wonders about piercing nipples and/or bellybutton*


I’m drunk XD n it’s so early too.


I was picked on by highschoolers today. In a “wanna get your attention” way >_> I always thought I looked older than I am, but even if not WTF?? I’m 21, not a dumb 15 year old that responds to immature giggles.


I made CAKE. Awesome one, with bananas.

Tomorrow will be working on a painting! W00T!

Kitty cat.

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