Dead pigeon and a print.

Here are 2 works I did lately. The first one is a drawing of a dead pigeon I did for interdisciplinary class on the subject of “mechanism/system”. In the work I am referring to a moment in my childhood when the whole idea of the circle of life dawned on me. It was when I saw a dead pigeon near school with worms wriggling in it and thought “it was flying, then it died and now it’s feeding the worms and the flowers”. Here I am trying to show one of the beautiful things in our world – the circle of life.

The second work is a print, done in etching techniques – soft wax and aquatint.



There is a huuuuuuuge moth in my bathroom. There is nobody else home and I need to wash the apartment and shower!! What do I do??? I was going to chase it out, but now it hid somewhere n it’s scaryyy!

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